My morning commute takes me outside of Minarchadia where today I saw blue lights flashing. Seems that all he was doing was sitting behind an empty truck with out of town tags. It appeared as if a wheel had broken off and they’d made it off the road. I’m thinking there is no trouble here, no crime, all he’s doing is sitting until a tow truck hauls the thing from the church driveway. Is there not something better to be doing; then again maybe not. This scene seems strange to those of us from Minarchadia.

I know there are plenty of reasons people where most of you live are critical of your cops today but this isn’t about harassment or civil rights. This is about how things work in our minarchist/an-cap societies just outside your cute little borders.

From your tax paying perspective the picture above looks largely to be just a waste. Then as a free market mind kicks in this is clearly a job for AAA or any local tow truck. You can see in the picture the SUV made it completely off the road and even the police car is firmly on the shoulder. There’s no person around that I could see. So is this really what your society needs police for? Ask any cop why they chose the profession and I imagine the last thing they’ll say is “to make sure a broken car doesn’t move before the tow truck arrives.” In Minarchadia police are working on crime, road safety is handled by the road owners or their contractors.

Just outside of Minarchadia the state has one of the highest gas taxes but recently wanted to increase it again for the “infrastructure”. Their budget is weak they say but they have little yellow service trucks running the highways to help people who run out of gas, have a flat tire or whatever. This is a tax funded service competing against AAA (I think AAA has a very reasonable fee). And if you don’t like a subscription then you’re free to call any car repair shop. One might suppose that AAA could spend money on lobbyists and get their market share back but that is another story.

In Minarcadia we don’t waste time and money like this. And when there is a car crash the police may show up, especially if they are called by a subscriber but if there is no security or crime issue then they’ll leave right about the time the ambulance and/or insurance investigator arrives. All that marking, photographing and taking statements is done by someone who has that job. Why people outside Minachadia pay security guys to do work for their insurance companies is beyond me. Seems like it would dilute your police from staying focused on their real work.

Well that is all I have to report from Minarchadia today, Cheers.